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List of Shortlisted Candidates
S. No. Programme M.Sc. M. Tech Ph.D. M.Tech.-Ph.D. M.Sc.-M.Tech.
1. Physics      View    
2. Centre for Education & Technology for Education (CETE)       View    
3.  Electrical Engineering      View    
4. Chemical Engineering      View    
5. School of Management & Entrepreneurship (SME)      View    
6. Civil and Infrastructure Engineering      View    
7. Mathematics      View    
8. Digital Humanities      View    
9. Center For Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (CETSD)      View    
10. Smart Healthcare      View    
11. Provisionally shortlisted for PhD-CSE (INRA and Foreign Applicants)      View    
12. Chemistry      View    
13. Computer Science & Engineering      View    
14. Internet of Things and Applications(IoT)      View    
15. School of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AIDE & CMCE)      View    
16. Smart Healthcare(Foreign)      View    
17. Space Science and Technology      View    
18. IDRP RMS Visvesvaraya      View    
19. IDRP RMS      View