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1. Advertisement for Admission to Stackable Certificate Programs-based Executive M.Tech. in Intelligent VLSI Systems (IVS) for Working Professionals, AY 2022-23 Sem II
2. Admission under Visvesvaraya Ph.D. Scheme for Electronics and IT, A.Y. 2022-23 (Deadline 25th November 2022)
  a) Eligibility for Admission
3. Rolling Advertisement for Admission to  Interdisciplinary and Ph.D. Programmes     
  I) Rolling Advertisement for Admission to Ph.D. programme at CMCE, School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 
  II) Rolling Advertisement for Admission to Ph.D. programme at  Computer Science and Engineering  
    Important Dates
Milestones Date
Last date of filling online application form Throughout the year
Cut-off date for an application to be considered for the admission process for Centre for Mathematical and Computational Economics (CMCE), School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (SAIDE) (for Semester I) 
Cut-off date for an application to be considered for the admission process

20 April (for Semester I)  
20 October (for Semester II) 

Announcement of short listed applicants for the admission process

25 April (for Semester I)                           25 October  (for Semester II) 

Date of written test and/or Interview To be announced


List of Provisionally Shortlisted, Selected and Waitlisted candidates for admission in M.Tech.-Ph.D. and Ph.D. programmes can be seen on the webpages of respective Departments/IDRPs/Schools/Centres
In case of any query, the applicants may contact to the respective Departments/IDRPs/Schools/Centres where they are applying to.
Department/IDRP/School Phone No. Email
Bioscience and Bioengineering 0291-2801202 office_bioscienceandbioengineering@iitj.ac.in
Computer Science and Engineering 0291-2801252 office_cse@iitj.ac.in
Chemistry 0291-2801302 office_chemistry@iitj.ac.in
Electrical Engineering 0291-2801352 office_ee@iitj.ac.in
Humanities and Social Sciences 0291-2801402 office_hss@iitj.ac.in
Mathematics 0291-2801452 office_mathematics@iitj.ac.in
Mechanical Engineering 0291-2801502 office_me@iitj.ac.in
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 0291-2801552 office_materials@iitj.ac.in
Physics 0291-2801602 office_physics@iitj.ac.in
Chemical Engineering 0290-2801702 office_che@iitj.ac.in
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 0290-2801652 office_civil@iitj.ac.in
Management & Entrepreneurship 0291-2801802 head_sme@iitj.ac.in
School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 0291-2801752 office_saide@iitj.ac.in
Robotics and Mobility Systems 0291-2801375 auv@iitj.ac.in
Digital Humanities 0291-2801407 digitalhumanities@iitj.ac.in
Internet of Things and Applications 0291-2801352 iotapplications@iitj.ac.in
Quantum Information and Computation 0291-2801602 quantum@iitj.ac.in
Smart Healthcare 0291-2801202 smarthealthcare@iitj.ac.in
Space Science & Technologies 0291-2801352 spacesciencetechnology@iitj.ac.in
Indian Nationals Residing Abroad (INRA) and Foreign Nationals 0291-2801509 ad_iro@iitj.ac.in