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Program Structure
The Program Structure of the six sets of degree Programs offered by the Institute are:

1.  Bachelor of Technology Programs  
  1. B.Tech. (Bioengineering)  
  2. B.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)  
  3. B.Tech. (Electrical Engineering)  
  4. B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering)  
  5. B.Tech. (AI and Data Science)  
  6. B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)  
  7. B.Tech. (Materials Engineering)  
  8. B.Tech. (Civil and Infrastructure Engineering)  
2. Master of Science Programs  
  1. M.Sc. (Chemistry)  
  2. M.Sc. (Mathematics)  
  3. M.Sc. (Physics)  
  4. M.Sc.(Digital Humanities)  
3. Master of Science - Master of Technology Programs  
  1. Mathematics & Data Science  
4. Master of Technology Programs  
  1. M.Tech. (Bioscience & Bioengineering)  
  2. M.Tech. (Computer Science & Engineering)  
  3. M.Tech. (Artificial Intelligence)  
  4. M.Tech. (Cyber Physical Systems)  
  5. M.Tech. (Sensors and Internet of Things)  
  6. M.Tech. (Data and Computational Sciences)  
  7. M.Tech. (Advanced Manufacturing and Design )  
  8. M.Tech. (Thermofluids Engineering)  
  9. M.Tech. (Materials Engineering)  
  10. M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)  
  11. M.Tech. (Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering)  
  12. M.Tech. (Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Energy)  
5. Master of Technology - Doctor of Philosophy (M.Tech.-Ph.D.) Dual Degree Programs  
  1. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Bioscience & Bioengineering)  
  2. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Computer Science & Engineering)  
  3. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Artificial Intelligence)  
  4. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Communication Signal Processing)  
  5. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Cyber Physical Systems)  
  6. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Sensors and Internet of Things)  
  7. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Data and Computational Sciences)  
  8. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering)  
  9. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Mechanical Design)  
  10. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Advanced Manufacturing)  
  11. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Thermofluids Engineering)  
  12. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Chemical Engineering)  
  13. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Environmental Engineering)  
  14. M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Infrastructure Engineering with specialization in Energy)  
6. Doctor of Philosophy Programs  
  Core Sciences  
  1. Ph.D. (Chemistry)  
  2. Ph.D. (Mathematics)  
  3. Ph.D. (Physics)  
  Engineering Sciences  
  1. Ph.D. (Bioscience and Bioengineering)  
  2. Ph.D. (Computer Science & Engineering)  
  3. Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)  
  4. Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering)  
  5. Ph.D. (Metallurgical & Materials Engineering)  
  Inter-disciplinary Areas  
  1. Ph.D. (Robotics and Mobility Systems)  
  2. Ph.D. (Science of Intelligence)  
  3. Ph.D. (Digital Humanities)  
  4. Ph.D. (IOT & Applications)  
  5. Ph.D. (Quantum Information and Computation)  
  6. Ph.D. (Smart Healthcare)  
  7. Ph.D. (Space Science & Technologies)  
  Ph.D. (School of Liberal Arts)  
  1. Center for Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development (CETSD)  
  2. Centre for Education & Technology for Education (CETE)