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Ph.D. Thesis Defense

The following students have successfully defended their Ph.D. thesis.

S.No Name of Student Title Department Date of Defence
  1Rohit KumarRenormalizations of Unimodal and Bimodal Maps with Low SmoothnessMathematics30 November 2021
  2Ram Milan SahaniMetal Oxide Nanostructures & Composites for Ionizing Radiation Detection and MeasurementPhysics23 November 2021
  3Urgunde Ajay BhimashankarFabrication of Nanostructured Electrodes for Bio-sensing and Energy Applications using Ni-Co Functional InksChemistry23 November 2021
  4Sumit MahajanDesign and development of SMAW electrode coatings for dissimilar metal welds in USC power plantsMechanical Engineering10 November 2021
  5Erum Gull NazTheoretical Investigations of Unimolecular and Bimolecular Reaction Dynamics in Gas PhaseChemistry03 November 2021
  6Jyoti SainiProbing New Physics Through Bottom and Top Quark DecaysPhysics28 October 2021
  7Abhra PaulWriting the Earth: An Ecocritical Reading of the Selected Works of Barbara KingsolverHumanities & Social Sciences19 July 2021
  8Gaurav JajooBlind Signal Modulation Recognition through Clustering Analysis of Constellation SignatureElectrical Engineering07 July 2021
  9Aniket Dilip MondeSolidification and Shrinkage: Analytical and Numerical Model Development with Case StudiesMechanical Engineering01 July 2021
  10Amitap KhandelwalDevelopment of algae assisted Microbial Fuel Cell for power generation and algae cultivationBioscience and Bioengineering16 June 2021
  11Gaurav BahugunaFluorinated Nanomaterials for Energy and Sensing ApplicationChemistry05 May 2021
  12Ajay Kumar MahatoFabrication and Characterization of Photo-Sensitive Organic Field-Effect TransistorsElectrical Engineering03 May 2021
  13Anuj Kumar BhartiFeature Binding in Working MemoryElectrical Engineering03 April 2021
  14Bhawna ChaubeySolution State 19F Magnetic Resonance (MR) Account of Molecular Interactions in SolutionsChemistry27 March 2021
  15Ajay JainThermal IR signature study and analysis of exhaust emission of diesel engine vehiclesMechanical Engineering25 March 2021
  16Pratibha ChoudharyParameterized Complexity of Tracking PathsComputer Science & Engineering18 March 2021
  17Shivam Chaturvedi Robust Control Techniques for Virtual Impedance Shaping to Mitigate and Share the Double line frequency Ripple in MicrogridsElectrical Engineering18 March 2021
  18Ankit Agarwal Modeling and Control of Geometric Tolerances in End-Milling of Thin-walled ComponentsMechanical Engineering10 March 2021
  19Brajesh Kumar Shukla Development of an Instrument of Sit-to-Stand for measurement of Sarcopenia in older IndiansFocus Group- System Science08 March 2021
  20Ishan Varun Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible Hybrid Resistive Random Access Memory DevicesElectrical Engineering05 March 2021
  21Anchal GahlautTheoretical Investigations of Unimolecular Reaction Dynamics in the Gas PhaseChemistry12 February 2021
  22Devika LaishramAdvanced Functional Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental ApplicationsChemistry10 February 2021
  23ParveenA Scanning Tunnelling Microscopic Study of Single Organic Molecular DeviceElectrical Engineering05 February 2021
  24Vivek RaghuwanshiOperationally Stable Flexible Organic Field Effect Transistors on Unconventional SubstratesElectrical Engineering01 February 2021
  25Sumitra GodaraUnimolecular Reaction Dynamics: Mechanisms and Pathways via Chemical Dynamics SimulationsChemistry15 January 2021
  26Arpita SrivastavaSelf-assembly of Surfactants and Bio-inspired Soft Materials for Desired Macroaggregates using Multiscale SimulationsChemistry14 January 2021
  27Rajneesh ChaurasiyaLow Dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Nano Device applicationsPhysics28 November 2020
  28Lochan SharmaDevelopment of Submerged arc welding fluxes for welding of Linepipe steelMechanical Engineering23 November 2020
  29Vandana A Solution state NMR Account of Organophosphate Pesticides-Protein InteractionChemistry16 November 2020
  30Adarsh NigamDesign and fabrication of AlGaN/GaN Transistors for Heavy Metal Ion SensorsElectrical Engineering14 November 2020
  31Neeraj GoelHigh performance optical and gas sensors based on 2D/3D heterostructuresElectrical Engineering13 November 2020
  32Priya MalpaniAn investigation on the nonclassical and quantum phase properties of a family of engineered quantum statesPhysics30 October 2020
  33Rahul KumarChemical Vapor Deposition Grown MoS2 for Sensing ApplicationsElectrical Engineering08 October 2020
  34Abhinav SrivastavaSlow Relaxations of Hydration Water near a Lipid Membrane: a Molecular Dynamics StudyChemistry28 September 2020
  35Vijendra Singh BhatiMetal Oxide Semiconductor based Gas SensorsPhysics15 September 2020
  36Sachinkumar Rajendrakumar VyasIsolation, Identification, and Characterization of Oleaginous Yeast Capable of Growing and Producing Lipids on Agro-industrial WasteBioscience and Bioengineeing09 September 2020
  37Rajesh Kumar Oxide and Metal rich-Oxide Based Spectrally Selective Absorber Coatings for Solar Thermal ApplicationsPhysics28 July 2020
  38Hiteshi JainAssessment of Human Actions in VideosComputer Science & Engineering10 July 2020
  39Shraddha ChoudharyScattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Disordered Metamaterials and MetasurfacesFocus Group- System Science08 July 2020
  40Javid Ahmad NaikooA study of nonclassicality in (Open) Quantum SystemsPhysics06 July 2020
  41Pravesh KumarModal analysis and nonlinear dynamics of multi-link flexible manipulator with generic payload mounted on a moving baseMechanical Engineering03 July 2020
  42Phdatare Hanmant PandurangAssessment of nonlinear responses and bifurcation analysis of light-weight shaft disk system with different loading configurationsMechanical Engineering29 June 2020
  43Hargeet KaurA game-theoretic perspective of Quantum Information ProcessingChemistry26 June 2020
  44Shalini SinghInvestigation of Cellular and Molecular Pathways of Innate Immunity in Context of Glioma Pathophysiology and Cellular InflammationBioscience and Bioengineeing19 June 2020
  45Tushar Shankar ShindeEfficient Motion Estimation and Predictive Coding Methods for Compression of Spatio-temporal SequencesElectrical Engineering17 June 2020
  46Rakesh KumarShort-term Solar Irradiance Forecasting and Performance Analysis of Solar PV SystemsFocus Group- System Science13 June 2020
  47Vikas Pratap SinghSolar Power Generation Forecasting using Neural Network Based ApproachMechanical Engineering29 May 2020
  48Satendra Pal SinghNovel and Robust Methodologies for Image SecurityMathematics11 May 2020
  49Megha SinghFault diagnosis of a three-phase induction motor using Stockwell transform and machine learning techniquesElectrical Engineering05 May 2020
  50Shivanjali SaxenaThe Role of NLRs in Glioma MicroenvironmentBioscience & Bioengineering28 April 2020
  51Dileep KumarSome Results on Multidimensional Shift SpacesMathematics18 March 2020
  52Nupur RathoreSliding Mode Control Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency and Power factor of power convertersElectrical Engineering17 March 2020
  53Chandni KumariMultifunctional ZnO and BiFeO3: Synthesis, Characterization and Device ApplicationsPhysics12 February 2020
  54Rakhi N KComputational Gastronomy: Analysis of the basis of flavor in Indian cuisine and health impact of spicesBioscience and Bioengineering11 February 2020
  55Amit BhatiBandwidth Enhancement of Microwave Absorbers Using Engineered Planar StructuresMathematics06 February 2020
  56Deepak KumarNuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) investigation of molecular interactions in model drug delivery systemsChemistry03 February 2020
  57Kumar RahulSaliency Enabled Image Compression and Quality AssessmentElectrical Engineering30 January 2020
  58Vikash Chandra Janu Surface fluorinated Hematite for energy,Stealth and Environmental ApplicationChemistry29 January 2020
  59Ribhav MishraRejuvenation Mechanisms of LRSAM1 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Against Misfolded Proteins Aggregation Linked Neurodegenerative DiseasesBioscience and Bioengineeing13 December 2019
  60Gurveer SinghOn the Evaluation and Cleaning of an Open Volumetric Air Receiver: A Step Towards Realizing Solar Convective Furnace System in Arid DesertsMechanical Engineering10 December 2019
  61Sana MaidullahContext Effect in Consumer Decision Making: Role of Choice Characteristic and Individual FactorsHumanities & Social Sciences06 December 2019
  62Giriraj VyasOrganic Molecular Memory Devices based on Small Molecule Polymer HybridPhysics27 September 2019
  63Dharmesh KumarSolar Radiation Data Quality Analysis and Gap FillingApproachMechanical Engineering24 July 2019
  64Divya SharmaContent Based Analysis and Retrieval of Architectural Floor plansComputer Science & Engineering22 July 2019
  65Anurag SahuIn-situ sensitization and photoelectrode material for II-VI quantum dot sensitized solar cells along with detailed balance limiting efficiencyFocus Group - System Science 22 July 2019
  66Ayeman AmanullahProteasomal Dysfunctions Induced Anti-Proliferative Strategies of NSAIDs Engender Mitochondrial Abnormalities and ApoptosisBioscience and Bioengineeing19 July 2019
  67Bhuvnesh RathoreWavelet-Alienation Based Protection Scheme for Transmission SystemsElectrical Engineering03 June 2019
  68Vishal SharmaQuantum Communication Under Noisy Environment: From Theory to ApplicationsPhysics28 May 2019
  69Ankisha VijayBioremediation of Low-Level Uranium (VI) Wastes Including Denitrification Using Microbial Fuel CellBioscience and Bioengineeing23 May 2019
  70Nidhi SharmaThe Role of Nucleotide-Binding Domain, Leucine Rich Repeat Containing Receptors in Inflammation, Cell death and GliomaBioscience and Bioengineeing15 May 2019
  71Shilpa PandeySome Methods for Annotation Localization and Writer Identification for Processing Annotated DocumentsComputer Science & Engineering07 May 2019
  72Aditya Raw GautamNonlinear Control for Mitigation of Second-order Harmonic Ripple Problem in Single-Phase InvertersElectrical Engineering23 April 2019
  73Raj Kumar SatankarLocal Soil and Organic Waste Based Composites and Ceramics of Western RajasthanMechanical Engineering19 April 2019
  74Vipin JoshiModeling and Simulation of Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors and Optimisation of Buffer LayerElectrical Engineering27 February 2019
  75Arun Kumar UpadhyayInnovative Harnessing of Molecular Protein Quality Control Strategies Inhibits: Aberrant Protein Aggregation and Deregulated ProliferationBioscience and Bioengineeing27 February 2019
  76Vibhuti JoshiPromising Molecular Modulations of E3 Ubiquitin Ligases Regulate Cellular Proliferation and Suppresses Misfolded Proteins AccumulationBioscience and Bioengineeing22 February 2019
  77Goutam Kumar GuptaCu2ZnSnS4 related Chalcogenide Absorbers: Thin Films and Heterostructure Photovoltaic DevicesPhysics14 February 2019
  78Manish RaghavDynamics of a General Non-autonomous Dynamical SystemMathematics07 February 2019
  79Amrita KaurwarCharacterization of Clay Ceramics based on reuse of Organic residue and Industrial wastes for Point of Use Water Filteration ApplicationMechanical Engineering28 January 2019
  80Rakesh JoshiExperimental Investigation on Development and Structural Integrity Assessment of Glass to Metal JointMechanical Engineering25 January 2019
  81Supriyo DuttaGraph Theoretic Aspects of Quantum Information ProcessingMathematics11 January 2019
  82Vibha SahlotConflicts in GeometryComputer Science & Engineering08 January 2019
  83Suresh DahiyaMassive MIMO Systems: Channel Modeling and Efficient System ArchitectureElectrical Engineering13 October 2018
  84Om Prakash MahelaPower Quality Assessment and Mitigation in Distribution System with Renewable Energy PenetrationElectrical Engineering11 October 2018
  85Parvinder SinghAnalysing Multiqubit Entanglement, Nonlocality and Quantum Information Processing ProtocolsFocus Group - System Science 08 October 2018
  86Parmod Kumar PaulTechnical Analysis for Short-Term Forecasting of Financial Data and Turn of the Year EffectMathematics05 October 2018
  87Rohan SharmaComplex network generative models using corona product of graphsMathematics19 July 2018
  88Ranveer SinghA Measure of Balance, Spectra of Signed Graphs, and a Novel Algorithm for Matrix Determinant and PermanentMathematics19 July 2018
  89Rohitash KumarDesign, Development and Characterization of Low and High Temperature Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage ApplicationsPhysics17 July 2018
  90Kapil SharmaUtilizing Topology Structures For Delay Sensitive Traffic in Data Center NetworkComputer Science & Engineering13 July 2018
  91Lokesh SainiFerroics and Their Rubber Composites for Wide-band Microwave AbsorptionPhysics04 June 2018
  92Rahul BadhwarSystems Biological Investigations of Brain NetworksBioscience & Bioengineering18 April 2018
  93Rakesh KanjiSystems modeling of target and chemical profiles of drugs to predict their phenotypic side effects with canonical correlation analysisBioscience & Bioengineering02 April 2018
  94Pradumn Kumar PandeyParametric network models, network reconstruction and diffusion protocols for networksComputer Science & Engineering23 March 2018
  95Ram Niwash MahiaInput-Output Dynamic Properties of Complex NetworksElectrical Engineering12 March 2018
  96Puneet Kumar JainProcessing of Heart Sound Signal to Monitor Cardiovascular Functions in Real-life ScenarioElectrical Engineering23 February 2018
  97Pura RamRare earth doped LiMn 2 O 4 cathodes for lithium ion batteryChemistry20 February 2018
  98Bibin G. AnandNanoparticle based inhibitors to target protein aggregationBioscience & Bioengineering11 January 2018
  99Kriti DubeyBiophysical Approach to Develop Inhibitors against Protein aggregationBioscience & Bioengineering06 November 2017
  100Surendra Singh BaralaEffects of High Energy Radiation on Perovskite Oxides for Voltage Tunable ApplicationsElectrical Engineering06 October 2017
  101Shejale Kiran PrakashClose Shell Metal Oxides for Solar Cell and Water Treatment ApplicationChemistry19 September 2017
  102Poonam SharmaSupported Chiral Platinum Nanoparticles for Asymmetric CatalysisChemistry15 September 2017
  103Sapana RanwaRF Sputtered ZnO Nanorods based Hydrozen SensorElectrical Engineering14 August 2017
  104Deepak BhartiSmall Molecule Based Solution Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors and ApplicationsElectrical Engineering09 August 2017
  105Belal UsmaniDevelopment of Spectrally Selective Absorber Materials and Coatings for Photothermal ApplicationsPhysics06 March 2017
  106Suresh SinghMitigation of Negative Impedance Instabilities in DC/DC Converters and DC Microgrids using Nonlinear ControlElectrical Engineering03 May 2016
  107Abhay SamantReconfigurable Architecture for Cross Layer Design Optimization and its ApplicationsElectrical Engineering25 April 2016
  108Deepak Kumar ChhanganiRole of MGRN1 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase in Protein Quality Control Mechanism and Polyglutamine DiseasesBiology07 January 2016
  109Sibani BisoyiBias Stress Stability and Charge-Carrier Trapping in High Performance Organic Thin-Film TransistorsElectrical Engineering16 December 2015
  110Heena RathoreImproving Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Bio-Inspired ApproachesComputer Science & Engineering29 October 2015
  111Shrivishal TripathiAnalysis and Design of Wideband Fractal Antennas for Portable UWB ApplicationsElectrical Engineering03 September 2015