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M.Tech. & M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree in Thermofluids Engineering

Thermo-fluids is the combined study of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and combustion. Thermofluids program at IIT Jodhpur plans to engage in a wide range of research activities in the areas such as solar energy, clean water, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, heat transfer and combustion, with a strong emphasis on the application of computational modeling and experimental methods. The thermal sciences area involves studies in energy conversion, the flow of liquids and gases, and the transfer of heat by means of conduction, convection and radiation. The flow and heat transfer are involved in devices and systems for energy conversion. The program involves a mix of fundamental courses followed by electives to specialize in the chosen area. Further, the project component ensures hands-on problem solving skills to enable solving of industrial problems as well as undertake research in the different areas of thermofluids. The potential employers of graduates from this program will be government and academia, automotive OEMs and ancillary manufacturers, energy sector, chemical and processing industries and others.

Objective of the Program
To develop professionals through analytical and computational skills that enables individual to handle research and industrial problems in the domain of Thermofluids engineering
Expected Graduate Attributes
1. Ability to undertake academic and industrial research in the areas of Thermal and Fluids Engineering like automobiles, thermal power, nuclear energy, gas turbines, solar energy, space science, defence, environmental engineering etc
2. Ability to solve problems in design of thermal and fluid equipment/systems using analytical, experimental and computational techniques
3. Equipped to contribute to the multi-physics and interdisciplinary research interfacing with thermal and fluid systems
4. Ability to express ideas in the written and oral formats
5. Development of appreciation and commitment to professional ethics
Learning Outcome
At the end of program, a student is expected to have -
1. Strong fundamentals in incompressible/compressible fluid flow, thermodynamics and heat transfer
2. Analytical, computational and experimental skills to solve problems in multi-scale heat and fluid flow
3. Skills to design, develop and integrate systems/equipment involving heat and fluid flow
4. Competence to identify and analyze interdisciplinary systems/devices involving thermofluids
5. Expertise in one of the application areas e.g. solar thermal, combustion, heat exchanger design, HVAC systems, aerodynamics, thermal management of electronic systems, high speed flows etc.
6. Skills to communicate technical and scientific ideas in the domain of Thermal and Fluids Engineering


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