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The authors align themselves to critical UNSDGs and have impacted the local regions in India and including Thar Desert Regions


UNSDG3: Good Health and well being

Public Health

Journal Article


  1. Alok Ranjan, Prithivi Prakash, 2023. Elderly Health in different States of India: learnings from 75th Round National Sample Survey, 2017-18. Journal of Health Management
  2. Naranjo-Soledad A , Smesrud L , Bandaru SR , Hernandez D , Mehare M , Mahmoud S, Matange V , Rao B , Chandana N , Balcom P , Omole DO , Alvarez-Mejia C , Lopez-Ramirez V, Gadgil A. Low-cost, local production of a safe and effective disinfectant for resource-constrained communities. medRxiv; 2023. DOI: 10.1101/2023.07.07.23292341.

  3. Alok Ranjan, Crasta, J.E. Progress towards universal health coverage in the context of mental disorders in India: evidence from national sample survey data. Int J Ment Health Syst 17, 27 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1186/s13033-023-00595-6
  4. Nighojkar, A., Pandey, S., Naebe, M, B. Kandasubramanian, Winston Soboyejo, Anand Plappally and Xungai Wang. Using machine learning to predict the efficiency of biochar in pesticide remediationnpj Sustain. Agric.(2023). Nature,  https://doi.org/10.1038/s44264-023-00001-1


UNSDG 4: Quality Education 

NEP 2020 / Rural Education

Book Chapter


  1. Ahmad, M., and Plappally, A. K., 2021, Emerging Technologies in Teaching and Learning Processes, in Mapping Innovations- An Outlook of Stakeholders, NSD 2021 BLR- Collection of Award winning and Selected Essays, Sanchi Foundation , TechfizInc Publishers, Bengaluru, India


  1. Vivek Vijay 2021, Mai Vidyalay Bol Raha Hoon, Rajasthani Grinthagar (Hindi), For more https://www.exoticindiaart.com/book/details/main-vidhyalay-bol-raha-hoon-uag698/


 UNSDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

Reuse of waste

Book Chapter

1. Vishal, A., Chandana, N. (2023). Assessment of Micro-Strength Properties and Strength Enhancement of the Biomass Aggregate Concrete. In: Vilventhan, A., Singh, S.B., Delhi, V.S.K. (eds) Advances in Construction Materials and Management. ACMM 2022. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, vol 346. Springer, Singapore. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-99-2552-0_35



UNSDG 15: Life on Land

Sustainability of Water

Sustainable Agriculture Strategies for Water conservation

Book Chapter


  1. Pankaj Jakhar, Deepak Kumar Yadav, Sunil Duhan, S. Sunitha, Anand K Plappally, Growth Analysis of Cassava in Semi-Arid region using Novel Subsurface Porous Vessel Irrigation Method, 5th International Agronomy Congress 2021, Vol. 3, Agri-Innovations to Combat Food and Nutrition Challenges 23-27 November 2021, PJTSAU, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


Subtopic - ICT applications in Agriculture



Book Chapter

  1. Ravi Bhandari and Anand Krishnan Plappally, Affordable ICT Solutions for Water Conservation Using Sensor-Based Irrigation Systems for Use in Arid Agriculture in Thar Desert Region of India, Chapter 8 of Smart Agriculture for Developing Nations Status, Perspectives and Challenges, 2023, Advanced Technologies and Societal Change Series, Springer, Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries, 95-118. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-981-19-8738-0_8


UNSDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Natural Resource Management

Sub-topic - River Modeling




  1. Himanchal, Aman Meena, Sunil Duhan, Meraj Ahmad, Pankaj Jakhar, Aswathy Puthukkulam, Vinayak Shedekar, AsmitaMurumkar, AnandPlappally, 2021 Modeling of Jojari river in semi-arid western Rajasthan, India using the geospatial techniques and 1D flow model analysis, BRICS NUs: Water Resource and Pollution Treatment [WRPT-21] International Conference, 6th-8th July, 2021.


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