IIT Jodhpur

Scientific Social Responsibility Projects


1. UF Membrane Assisted Sorption Based Water Purification Systems in Rural Village Schools of Jodhpur District, Rajasthan
Contact: Prof Pradip Tewari and Prof Anand Plappally
Timeline – 2021-2024
Cost: Rs 40 Lakh

Work Order

2. GIS Survey Of Waqf Properties & Updation In An Online Waqf Assets Management System Of India (WAMSI)---- For State of Rajasthan
Contact: Prof Anand Plappally, Prof Abdul Gafoor Shaik, Prof Ranju Mohan, Prof Farhat Naz and Prof Arun Kumar M
Timeline- 2022
Cost: Rs 110.62 Lakh


Science and Technology Innovation Hub​

"Science Technology and Innovation Hub in IIT Jodhpur, Karwar Block, Jodhpur District, Rajasthan State​

Contact: Anand PlappallyPrasenjeet Tribhuvan, P K Tewari and G S Toteja​

Timeline: March 2023- March 2026

Cost: 2.1 Crores

DST INSPIRE Faculty project;
Contact Dr. Kirti Sankhala; 
Project title: Hybrid organic-inorganic membranes with tunable pore sizes and physio-chemical properties for energy-efficient separation technologies
Timeline: 5 years; 2023-2028
Cost: 35 lakhs 
Industry-sponsored research project;
Contact: Dr. Ayan Sadhukhan and Dr. Kirti Sankhala;
Project title: Transport mechanism in plants
Timeline: 6 months; 2023-2024
Cost: 31 lakhs