IIT Jodhpur
Brainstorming Conclave on Atmanirbhar North East through S&T Interventions” in Guwahati on 21st – 22nd December 2021

An overview of the Techno Conclave was presented to RCIs as Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is playing a significant role in this event along with the overall coordination for the whole conclave:

  1. Application Portal link (https://www.nectar-uba.com/ ), Brochure, Posters and Guidelines for the competition and timeline for evaluation were communicated to RCIs.
  2. The Application portal is open for the applicants and the last date for each competition is 12th Dec 2021.
  3.  Login credentials will be provided to the jury by NCI
  4. Dissemination of information related to the event to all the participating institutes – via social media and Institutions website. All the RCIs are requested to publish the brochure on their respective website and spread it in the network and especially North East RCIs shall circulate the information of session 10 to the schools in the NERegion.
  5. Active participation of all the RCI and PIs are mandatory



Session 5: Technical session - Technology Development for the Northeast 

  • For the Technical session - Technology Development for the Northeast all the 5 Northeast Region RCIs (IIT Guwahati, NIT Manipur, NIT Durgapur, NERIST and NIT Agartala) are being invited to participate in the session physically.
  • During the Technical session, the presentation and demonstration of technology/idea relevant to the North-East region will be presented by the participants.
  • For participation in the technical session, names and details may be provided to NCI before December 9, 2021.



Session 6B: Startup Ideation for the Northeast: All India Competition

  • Nine themes under the competition
  • The following RCIs will coordinate and moderate depending on the themes they are assigned by NCI.


  • Health - IIT Jammu
  • Education – IISER TVM
  • Energy - Dayalbagh Educational Institute
  • Agriculture – Kerala Agricultural University
  • Food processing - IIT Kharagpur
  • Waste management – IIT Roorkee
  • Infrastructure – IIT Jodhpur
  • Livelihood generation using locally-available resources – SVNIT Surat
  • Miscellaneous ideas for societal benefits - Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University


  • Three Jury members for the first round of evaluation for each theme are required. NCI has already shortlisted some jury members, meanwhile RCIs are also requested to provide the contact details of one or two jury members in their themes. The name and details of jury members shall be shared to NCI by 07.12.2021 (4:00pm).
  • Out of all the applications received, the assigned jury members will be provided with login credentials to evaluate the entries and Top 10-15 scorers shall be shortlisted from each theme.
  • In the second round of evaluation, the top 10-15 entries will be interacting with the jury members, which will be coordinated by respective RCI Staff.             
  • After the second round of evaluation the top 3 entries selected by members from each theme will be forwarded by the designated RCIs to the National Coordinating Institute for final evaluation by the Grand Jury before 17th December 2021.


Session 7: Ideation on addressing Climate change in the Northeast: All India Competition

  • The overall coordination of the competition will be provided by RCI IIT Madras and can be further assisted by RCI Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and RCI Gandhigram Rural Institute.
  • Six themes under the competition:

Ø  Limiting global warming

Ø  Alternatives to coal and other fossil fuels

Ø  Cutting greenhouse gas emissions/ achieving carbon neutrality

Ø  Environment protection and restoration

Ø  Sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry practices

Ø  Miscellaneous ideas on climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Three-Four members of the jury for the first round for each theme are required. The nomination of jury members shall be taken up by the RCI and the list of jury shall be shared with NCI at the earliest. NCI may also provide few names as well.
  •  In the second round of evaluation, the top 10-15 entries will be shortlisted for screened entries for each theme and will be interacting with the jury members.
  • Top 10 entries will get to visit Guwahati and demonstrate their ideas at the techno-fair being organized as part of the brainstorming conclave. They will get to leverage the opportunity to network with representatives from leading S&T organizations in India, entrepreneurs, investors, state government, scientists from educational institutions, and other potential technology takers.
  •  Top 3 entries selected by an eminent jury will win attractive prizes


Session 10: Heritage through the Lens of Science: Competition for Northeast Region

  • All the 5 Northeast Region RCIs (IIT Guwahati, NIT Manipur, NIT Durgapur, NERIST and NIT Agartala) needs to play significant roles in the Cultural Heritage competition.
  • The submission to be made under three age groups : 6-10years old, 10-15years old and 15 & above
  •  One round of evaluation in the competition.
  • The five RCI coordinators can discuss amongst themselves and come up with criteria as they see fit. (Please plan the evaluation strategy in discussion with each other)
  •  Jury members can be nominated by RCIs or can be RCIs coordinators themselves.
  •  Top 2 winners from each Age group (Total 6 winners) shall be visiting Guwahati for the showcasing of their submission and result announcements.



 Click here for Brochure.