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Inter-Institute Fests
The Students Gymkhana of IIT Jodhpur organises two major national level events each year. These are Varchas and Ignus.

“VARCHAS” is the sports festival of IIT Jodhpur. It celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship, and serves as a platform to showcase countless hours of perspiration put in by university level teams to achieve excellence in sports. Varchas was conducted first in 2011, with a vision of promoting sports among the university level colleges of India, and providing the athletes a platform to showcase their talent. Competitions are held in football, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball, basketball and athletics, in the national level stada of Jodhpur. Varchas promotes healthy competition and invites the teams to prove their mettle in their respective sport.
Moreover, students of IIT Jodhpur present their social commitment through "Soch - The Social Aspect of Varchas". Soch is a platform, where pertinent social issues are picked up and solutions are arrived at through discussions and debates, spreading awareness and conducting drives in the masses. It is a small step towards the amelioration of the society…

“IGNUS” is IIT Jodhpur’s Annual Techno–Social cum Cultural Festival. Over the past five years, the event has seen increased participation of colleges from all across the country. It hosts an array of cultural events, activities and competitions, which keep the fest full of life and zest. The cultural events mainly consist of pronites, performances and competitions. The “techno” part of the event, which promises to ignite the gray matter, has its motto of promoting innovation, technology and scientific thinking. 
Adding a dimension of social Responsibility, IGNUS has initiated a social campaign - “PRAKRITI” towards sustainable development of the society by conducting various campaigns, competitions and exhibitions in various schools and colleges. Also, adding to the fun are the buzzing informals, like city-wide treasure hunt - Breakthrough, which is one of the only event of its kind to take place in Jodhpur. Also, the Alumni of IIT Jodhpur are invited to their Alma Mater on this occasion.


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