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Office of Administration
The Office of Administration facilitates the following:
(a)  Performance of Statutory Duties
  1.  Organization of meetings of BoG, FC, Senate, BWC; Agenda & Minutes of above bodies;
  2. Notification of membership of Standing Committees of the BoG, FC, Senate and BWC; and
  3. Notification of appointments of Deans, Coordinators, Heads of Areas of Study, Centers of Technologies, Academic Service Facilities.
(b) Legal
  1. Handling of legal matters including preparation of briefs as required in legal cases involving Institute;
  2. Liaison with Institute’s Legal Counselor and any lawyers engaged commercially by the Institute;
  3. Cases of Arbitration; and
  4. Support to Chief Vigilance Officer, and other Statutorily appointed Officers of the Institute.
  5. Academic discipline & academic integrity;
(c)  Public Relations & Institute Publication
  6. Liaison with public / news media; and
  7. Publications of the Institute (Annual Report, Newsletter, and others).




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