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Student Gymkhana
The “Student Gymkhana”, IIT Jodhpur, is divided into five "societies", and in turn each society is divided into several clubs. These societies fulfil the varied interests of the students and contribute to their holistic development. These six societies are:
 (1)  Academic, Research and Management (ARM) Society,
 (2) Media, Arts and Design (MAD) Society,
 (3) Nurturing-Understanding Technology and Science (NUTS) Society,
 (4) Sports, Adventures, Games and Explorations (SAGE) Society, and
 (5) Writing, Awareness, Vocals, Entertainment, Social (WAVES) Society.
The following are the details of the office bearers of Student Gymkhana:
 1.  Pankaj Yadav
General Secretary

eMail:  gensecy@iitj.ac.in 
Phone: 09001222747

 2. Vijay Paliwal
Secretary, ARM Society

eMail:  arma@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 07891780461

 3. Yasharth sahu
Secretary, MAD Society

eMail:  mad@iitj.ac.in 
Phone: 08890736770

 4. Vivek
Secretary, NUTS Society

eMail:  tech@iitj.ac.in 
Mobile: 09772721750

 5. Himanshu
Secretary, SAGE Society

eMail:  sports@iitj.ac.in 
Mobile: 07073191125

 6. Mansi Mittal
Secretary, WAVES Society

eMail:  cult@iitj.ac.in 
Mobile: 07062121604



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