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System Science (SS)
The System Science stream was initiated in 2011 to promote and implement interdisciplinary education and research by adopting a holistic systems thinking approach. Its vision is to transform students into trained graduates with the spirit of systems thinking in diverse domains of engineered systems, natural systems, and financial systems.

B.Tech. (SS) Program
The unique B.Tech. (SS) Program provides students with basics in System Science and specialised study in one of the three engineering disciplines of Computer Science & Engieering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The Program includes courses on basics of systems analysis, quantum information, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, complex systems and networks, and quantitave finance. The blend of exposure to engineering and systems analysis provides students an opportunity to eventually pursuing careers in systems engineering. The 4-year B.Tech. (SS) Program emphasises hands-on training and integration of concepts and techniques from systems approach, physical sciences and engineering.
M.Tech. (SS) Program
Masters of Technology (M.Tech) program in Systems Science aim at creating systems thinkers, who can develop, construct, model, operate, redesign, verify and integrate various systems. The program has a common core curriculum for one semester. The foundations of Mathematics, Statistics, Systems and Dynamics with numerical simulation techniques and an introductory course on Complex Networks & Quantum Information are taught during this foundation phase. After the completion of the first semester, students pick one of following three themes for their specialization, namely:
1. Complex Networks,
2. Quantitative Finance, and
3. Quantum Information.
Convenor (Focus Group - SS)

V.V.M.S. Chandramouli
Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur
Old Residency Road, Ratanada
Jodhpur 342011
eMail: chsarma@iitj.ac.in , Phone: (91 291) 244 9040






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