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Faculty Positions
IIT Jodhpur is being planned and prepared to provide creative technological solutions to meet eventually the grand challenges of the nation. To realize this goal in good time, IIT Jodhpur is looking for pro-active and energetic Indians with exceptional academic and research preparation in Engineering, Sciences, and Humanities and Soacial Sciences. The Institute cordially invites doctoral degree graduates to consider choosing IIT Jodhpur as their venue to realize their dream to serve the nation, through their competencies that help address the technology grand challenges of India.

Please download
 Welcome to Prospective Applicants for Faculty Positions at IIT Jodhpur!!
and share it with all interested and potential applicants for faculty positions at IIT Jodhpur.

The Institute invites applications for Faculty Positions at all three levels, namely, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. Interested persons with Doctoral Degrees, exceptional academic record and research preparation, are invited to apply using the links below:
1. Advertisement
2. Online Application Form
 Special Recruitment Drive for SCs/STs and OBCs candidates for the faculty positions
1. Advertisement (Corrigendum)
2. Online Application Form



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