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Lecture on "Dynamics of complex systems: from binary mixtures to protein folding and biological water" - 17 February 2017

Date and Venue Information:
17 February 2017, 11 am, Room S1, Administrative Block

Title of Lecture:
"Dynamics of complex systems: from binary mixtures to protein folding and biological water" by Professor Biman Bagchi, F.N.A., F.A.Sc., F.N.A.Sc., FTWAS, Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore.

In Chemistry we often deal with complex systems (a terminology borrowed from physicists and mathematicians). Our most common solvent is water which shows multiple anomalies that are turning out to be quite difficult to understand.  In the language of physics, water is an extremely complex system, with its disordered extended hydrogen bond network. More complex are aqueous binary mixtures (like water-ethanol and water-DMSO) that are chemically and biologically important solvents and are also not well-understood. For example, these solvents are known to exhibit anomalies at certain composition ranges which influence solvation properties. Hydrophobic interaction plays an important role in these systems, as also in protein folding.  Water at the surface of biomolecules like protein and DNA also exhibit interesting properties. We shall discuss the modern developments in these areas in a coherent fashion, with an attempt to bring out the unity among all the diversity in the diverse areas.

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