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Lecture on "Engineered Nanomaterials for Molecular Sensing and Bioimaging" - 12 September 2016

Date and Venue Information:
12 September 2016

Title of Lecture:
"Engineered Nanomaterials for Molecular Sensing and Bioimaging" by  Edakkattuparambil S. Shibu, University of Bordeaux, France

Nanomaterials have been emerged as potential candidates in biolabeling, bioimaging, molecular sensing, delivery and therapeutics. In the beginning of this talk, I shall present the fabrication of different luminescent nanomaterials, particularly gold quantum clusters (sub-nanoparticles). The inherent NIR-photoluminescence of these materials is efficiently used for different applications including metal ion sensing, development of luminescent patterns, fabrication of self-erasing inks and bioimaging. Later on, development of bimodal nanoparticles bridged with quantum dots and iron oxide nanoparticles via a novel photolabile coumarin bis-biotin molecules, their receptor medicated intracellular delivery, fluorescence and magnetic resonance based-bimodal
imaging both in vitro and in vivo, and bio-distribution studies will be described. The toxicity issues of quantum dots in the bimodal nanoparticles will be addressed by choosing non-toxic, NIR-emitting gold quantum clusters. Following, the remedy for intrinsic blinking of quantum dots at single-particle level will be discussed. Scope of new imaging technique, photothermal optical microscopy and its suitable nano-probes will be explained. The above-mentioned engineered nanomaterials having exceptional chemical/photostability and intense luminescence/plasmonic absorption offers many applications in biology. Some of these applications are described, especially in the context of biolabeling and bioimaging at single-particle level. For details please click here.

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