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E. Life @ IIT Jodhpur
Q1. How is the Campus Life at IIT Jodhpur?
IIT Jodhpur is functioning from its Temporary Academic Campus within the premises of the M.B.M. College of Engineering of Jai Narayan Vyas University (formerly known as Jodhpur University) on Residency Road at Ratanada. It will be shifted in the next two years to its Permanent Campus which is about 24 kms away center of Jodhpur on a 852 acre plot on National Highway 65 towards Nagaur. All academic and research activities are carried out from the present Temporary Academic Campus.
          IIT Jodhpur has two temporary residential areas, namely:
  (1) The GPRA Campus at Vivek Vihar on New Pali Road, is about 17 km away from the Temporary Academic Campus. This campus is home to Faculty, Staff members, B.Tech. girl and boy students and M.Tech., Ph.D. girl students;
  (2) The BSNL Campus at Shastri Nagar, about 5 km away, from the Temporary Academic Campus houses M.Tech. and Ph.D. boy students.
  Some Faculty and Staff Members opt to stay in the city in private accommodation.

Activities like cultural programs, celebration of national festivals, workshops of general nature bring together the Faculty and Staff members along with their families and students. The GPRA Residential Campus also houses “The Jodhpur Club”, which was started on 26 January 2015 with a purpose of building cultural relations with the Academic and R&D Organizations in the Sun City. It serves as a backdrop for organizing various activities that pave way for cultural interaction among not only the employees of different organizations but also their families. The employees of IIT Jodhpur and their family members use this platform to come together to fulfil their other-than professional interests (like art and music).

Q2. What are the facilities available in the Academic Campus of IIT Jodhpur?
  The academic campus of IIT Jodhpur currently comprises of three blocks, namely:
  (i) Academic Block 1
    It houses the Laboratories, the Library, a Computer Center and the offices of some Faculty Members.
  (ii) Academic Block 2
    It comprises of lecture halls, classrooms, and a few laboratories.
  (iii) Administrative Block
    It comprises of various offices of administration and some Faculty Members cabins.
  In addition, the academic campus consists of some temporary structures used for different laboratories.

Q3. What are the laboratory and research facilities?
The Institutes’ Laboratories aim to develop innovative solutions to the technological challenges of India. To accomplish its academic and research goals, IIT Jodhpur endeavors to enhance its academic and research efforts through creative collaborations with some prominent institutes/universities in India and abroad. IIT Jodhpur has established state-of-the-art teaching and research laboratories. These advanced laboratories have machinery and devices of international standard, which are actively used in research.

Q4. What about Library?
  The IIT Jodhpur Library is an active partner in teaching, learning and research activities of the Institute. It has a collection of about 10,000 volumes of books (includes textbooks, research and reference books, and monographs). In addition, the Library provides access to a range of electronic resources, such as American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Institute for Electrical & Electronics Engineers, and Association for Computing Machinery. Also, it subscribes to popular scientific, research and archival databases, like JSTOR, Prowess, and EBSCO Academic Search Complete. The Library operates in a computerized environment with Automated Member and Circulation Services. Currently, memberships, circulation, reference & information service, inter library loans & document lending services, current awareness service, and digital library service, are some of the important services offered. Visit library.iitj.ac.in for more information.

Q5. What facilities are available in and around the residential campuses of IIT Jodhpur?
  Some basic facilities available in the Residential Campus of IIT Jodhpur are:
  (1) ATM & Bank: The residential area has a branch of State Bank of India with an ATM.
  (2) Canteen: There is a canteen in each of the Residential Campuses, which provide hygienic food, fresh juices and various other snacks.
  (3) Gymnasium: A well-equipped gymnasium is functional in the Residential Campuses, from 5 am to 10 pm.
  (4) Dining Facility: There are Dining Facilities, one in each of the Residential Campuses and in the Academic Campus. It offers good quality food at affordable cost.
  (5) Shops: There are two general stores, a medical store and a mobile phone accessory store near the residential area.
  (6) Transport Services: The Institute runs a bus service between the Residential and Academic Campuses at regular intervals.
  (7) Health Care: The Residential Campus has a Health Center for providing services to patients round the clock. Besides, the Institute has empanelled five hospitals in the city of Jodhpur. Two of these hospitals have specialization in ophthalmology and one in orthopedic, and the remaining two hospitals are the best known general purpose hospitals in the city. For specialized medical attention doctors at our Health Centers refer patients to one of these hospitals.



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