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Through Post-Graduate (PG) programs (M.Tech. and Dual Degree M.Tech.-Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering, IITJ is making a conscious effort to divulge from traditional path and become a leading institute in new genre of Chemical Engineering education, providing X-factor to the students required for the corporate sector, research and development as well as starting their own company.



Students may do specialisation in 'Industry 4.0+Data Analytics'. Graduates from the program will have in-depth knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Cleanliness, Data Analytics, 3D Printing, Chemometrics and Industry 4.0 in Chemical Companies. They will be well-versed with Intelligent Process Optimization and Production Simulation. 



The M.Tech. and M.Tech.-Ph.D. programs involve a mix of traditional courses followed by electives in the chosen area. Project component ensures hands-on problem-solving skills to enable solving of industrial problems as well as undertake research in the different areas of chosen field. Graduates from the program will have in-depth knowledge and critical awareness of theoretical and practical solutions to problems at the forefront of Chemical Engineering. They would be ready for careers in the fields such as development, research, operation and management of:

(i) traditional, demand-driven  and emerging technologies,

(ii) process plants and equipment through analytical and computaional skills in the domain of Chemical Engineering,

(iii) molecular information into products and processes with 3D printing and Industry4.0+.



1. Master of Technology Program:


         M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)



2. Master of Technology-Doctor of Philosphy (M.Tech-Ph.D.) Dual Degree Program


         M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree (Chemical Engineering)