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Faculty Members


B. Ravindra
Associate Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Design, Dynamics, Vibration and Control

eMail: ravib@iitj.ac.in, head_me@iitj.ac.in, office_me@iitj.ac.in
Phone: (91 291) 244 9041
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~ravib

Faculty Members

Anand Krishnan Plappally
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: The Ohio State University
Water, Water Management and Characterization of Engineered Materials

eMail: anandk@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: 91 291) 244 9092
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~anandk

Barun Pratiher
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Dynamics of Machines and Structures, Flexible Robots, MEMS, Rotor Dynamics, Nonlinear Oscillations

eMail: barun@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9043
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~barun

Kaushal A. Desai
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
CAD/CAM, CNC Machine Tools, Micro-Machining and Hybrid Manufacturing

eMail: kadesai@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9702
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~kadesai

Laltu Chandra
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH & University of Karlsruhe
Solar thermal sub-systems (open volumetric air receiver, thermal energy storage, air-water heat exchanger), Thermal hydraulics, Turbulence simulation (DNS/LES/HYBRID/RANS) & model development, Computational Fluid Dynamics.

eMail: chandra@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9027
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~chandra

Prodyut Ranjan Chakraborty
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Heat and mass transfer, Latent heat based storage device for high temperature applications, Alloy solidification process, Active and passive solar cooling systems, Electronic cooling

eMail: pchakraborty@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9058
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~pchakraborty

Rahul Chhibber
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Welding and joining, Manufacturing and materials processing, Mechanical behaviour of materials

eMail: rahul_chhibber@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9072
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~rahul_chhibber

Sriram Goverapet Srinivasan
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: The Pennsylvania State University USA
Development and application of reactive force fields (ReaxFF), Density Functional Theory (DFT) and Tight Binding (DFTB) methods for studying combustion, solid-liquid interfaces, surface chemistry and catalysis

eMail: sriram@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9097
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~sriram

Sudipto Mukhopadhyay
Assistant professor
Ph.D.: Eindhoven University of Technology
Energy Technology, Combustion Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent flows, Sprays

eMail: smukhopadhyay@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91 291) 244 9004
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~smukhopadhyay

Suril Shah
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Robotics, Multibody Dynamics and Control

eMail: surilshah@iitj.ac.in, 
Phone: (91) 291 2449 009
Web: http://home.iitj.ac.in/~surilshah


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