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Subhashish Banerjee
Assistant Professor

B.E. (1996, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi University), Civil Engineering
Ph.D. (2003, School of Physical Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi), Physics

IIT Jodhpur
NH 65 Nagaur Road
Karwar 342 037
Jodhpur District
(91 291) 280 1603

Research Areas
  1. Open Quantum Systems
  2. Quantum Information
  3. Quantum Optics

    1. Select Recent Awards
    2. Science Foundation Ireland Short Term Travel Fellowship, Irish Physical Society,

      Select Recent Publications
      1. Alok, A.K. and Banerjee, S., Decoherence free Bd and Bs meson systems, Phys. Rev. D, Vol. 88, pp 094013-1 to 094013-4, 2013 , American Physical Society
      2. Banerjee, S., Chandrashekar, C.M. and Pati, A.K., Enhancement of Geometric Phase by Frustration of Decoherence A Parrondo like Eff ect, Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 87, pp 042119-1 to 042119-5, 2013 , American Physical Society
      3. Sazim, S.K., Adhikari, S., Banerjee, S. and Pramanik, T., Quanti cation of Entanglement of Teleportation in Arbitrary Dimensions, Quantum Information Processing, Vol. 20, pp 234 to 253, 2013 , Springer
      4. Adhikari, S. and Banerjee, S., An Operational Meaning of Discord in terms of Teleportation Fidelity, Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 86, pp 062313-1 to 062313-5, 2012 , American Physical Society
      5. Omkar, S., Srikanth R. and Banerjee. S., Dissipative and Non-dissipative Single Qubit Channels Dynamics and Geometry, Quantum Information Processing, Vol. 17, pp 110 to 130, 2012 , Springer
      6. Dhar, H.S., Banerjee, S., Chatterjee, A. and Ghosh, R., Investigating nonclassical correlations of radiation emitted from generalized threelevel atomic systems, Ann. of Phys. (NY), Vol. 331, pp 97 to 110, 2013 , Elsevier
      7. S Narayanaswamy, O Srikrishna, R Srikanth, S. Banerjee and A. Pathak, The quantum cryptographic switch, Quantum Information Processing, Vol. 15, pp 25 to 39, 2012 , Springer
      8. Shrimali, M.D. and Banerjee, S., q deformed logistic map with delay feedback, Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simulat (CNSNS), Vol. 18, pp 3126 to 3135, 2013 , Elsevier
      9. Sandhya, S.N. and Banerjee, S., Geometric Phase An Indicator of Entanglement, Euro. Phys. J. D, Vol. 66, pp 168-1 to 168-7, 2012 , I.O.P. Science
      10. Goyal, S., Banerjee S. and Ghosh, S., E ffect of control procedures on the evolution of entanglement in open quantum systems, Phys. Rev. A, Vol. 85, pp 012327-1 to 012327-15, 2012 , American Physical Society
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      19. Banerjee, S., Ravishankar V., and Srikanth, R., Entanglement dynamics in two-qubit open quantum system interacting with a squeezed thermal bath via quantum nondemolition interaction, Euro. Phys. J. D, Vol. 56, pp 277 to 302, 2010 , I.O.P. Science
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