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Mayurakshi Chaudhuri
Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (2002, University of Calcutta, India), Geography
M.A. (2005, University of Sheffield, UK), Regional Planning
M.A. (2009, Florida International University, USA), Comparative Sociology
Ph.D. (2014, Florida International University, USA), Global and Sociocultural Studies

IIT Jodhpur
NH 65 Nagaur Road
Karwar 342 037
Jodhpur District
(91 291) 280 1407

Research Areas
  1. Gender Studies
  2. International & Transnational Migrations
  3. Postcolonial South Asia
  4. Qualitative Research

    1. Select Recent Awards
    2. Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (SSRC DPDF) Program award in the Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Identity in Western Europe and the United States, Social Science Research Council, USA,
    3. Government of India National Merit Scholarship , The Ministry of Human Resource Development, India,
    4. The Trans-Atlantic Summer Institute (TASI) in European Studies Fellowship , Center for German and European Studies at the University of Minnesota, and additionally funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Minneapolis, MN. USA,
    5. Doctoral Evidence Acquisition Fellowship Award for conducting dissertation fieldwork in India, University Graduate School, Florida International University, Miami, FL. USA,
    6. Winner of Second place in “Literature and Cultural Studies”, Graduate and Professional Scholarly Forum, Florida International University, Miami, FL. USA,
    7. Morris and Anita Broad Research Fellowship and Travel Grant (2013), School of International and Public Affairs, Florida International University, Miami, FL. USA.,
    8. Morris and Anita Broad Research Fellowship and Travel Grant (2012), School of International and Public Affairs, Florida International University, Miami, FL. USA.,

      Select Recent Publications
      1. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, "Scaling Virtual Intimacies: Technology and Transnational Families across Geosocial Scales", , Vol. , pp , 2017 ,
      2. Thimm, Viola, Mayurakshi Chaudhuri, and Sarah J. Mahler, Enhancing intersectional analyses with polyvocality: Making and illustrating the model, Social Sciences (Special Issue on “Gender, Family and Society: Reciprocal Influences.”) , Vol. 6 (2), pp , 2017 , MDPI, Switzerland
      3. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi and Viola Thimm, "Migrations, Mobilities, and Intersectionalities: Feminist Scaling of Transnational Family Negotiations", Global Studies Journal, Vol. 10, pp , (Forthcoming, 2017) , Common Ground Publishers, Chicago, IL
      4. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, Ties in Motion: Transnational Bengalis’ negotiation of Gender and Family Relations in Motion, The 10th Annual Women, Gender, and Sexuality Student Conference , Vol. 10, pp , 2010 , Center for Women and Gender Studies, FIU. United States.
      5. Mahler, Sarah J., and Mayurakshi Chaudhuri, Gender and the Undocumented: Avanzando or Abject? , In Lois Lorentzen (Ed.) Hidden Lives and Human Rights in America: Understanding the Controversies and Tragedies of Undocumented Immigration , Vol. 2, pp 117-143, 2014 , ABC CLIO.
      6. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, Viola Thimm, and Sarah J. Mahler, “Aren’t we the products of the education system?”: Historical and Contemporary Education Policies, Practices and Effects in South and Southeast Asia. In , In Olena Hankivsky & Julia Jordan-Zachery (Eds.) Bringing Intersectionality to Public Policy, Vol. , pp , Forthcoming in 2017 ,
      7. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, Viola Thimm, and Sarah J. Mahler, "Gendered geographies of power: Their value for analyzing gender across transnational spaces", J. Gruhlich, & B. Riegraf (Eds.), Geschlecht und transnationale räume. Feministische perspektiven auf neue ein- und ausschlüsse. [Gender and transnational spaces: Feminist perspectives.], Vol. , pp 192-207, 2014 , Münster: Westfälisches Dampfboot
      8. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, "Gender in Motion: Negotiating Bengali Social Statuses across Time and Territories", The American Anthropological Association, Vol. , pp , 2013 , The American Anthropological Association, USA
      9. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, "Investigating the Online Experience at Florida International University: Reporting Results from Research on Student Learning and Faculty Instruction Experiences", , Vol. , pp , 2015 , Florida International University , USA
      10. Chaudhuri, M., Gender Budget: Academia- Activist Interface, , Vol. , pp , 2015 ,
      11. Chaudhuri, Mayurakshi, "Whose Body is Our Body? Gender, Body Politics and the Nation", Communication, Vol. March 2016, pp 25-27, 2016 , Communication
      12. Mahler, Sarah J., Mayurakshi Chaudhuri, and Vrushali Patil, "Scaling Intersectionality: Advancing Feminist Analysis of Transnational Families", Sex Roles (Special Issue entitled “Feminist Perspectives on Family Relationships”), Vol. 73 (3), pp 100-112, 2015 , Springer


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