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Ambesh Dixit
Associate Professor

B.Sc. (1995, Allahabad University), Physics, Mathematics
M.Sc. (1997, Allahabad University), Physics (Electronics)
JRF (2000-2003, Allahabad University)
Scientist (2003-2006, Solid State Physics Lab)
M.S. (2008, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA), Physics (Condensed Matter)
Ph.D. (2010, Wayne State University, Michigan, USA), Physics

IIT Jodhpur
NH 65 Nagaur Road
Karwar 342 037
Jodhpur District
91 291) 280 1605

Research Areas
  1. Material Science- computational and experimental
  2. Oxide and nitride compound semiconductor for spintronic, photovoltaic and sensor applications
  3. Materials by design using abinitio DFT
  4. Mangetic nanoparticles for biological applications
  5. Energy storage- electrical and thermal storage materials

    1. Selected Recent Awards
    2. CSIR-JRF(NET) in Physics 2000 - 2003, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research/ University GrantCommission CSIR/UGC), India
    3. Group Technology Award for the development of Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) system for II-VI compound semiconductor -2006 , Solid State Physics Laboratory, Delhi, India
    4. Departmental Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Wayne State University, USA
    5. Competitive Thomas C. Rumble Fellowship, Wayne State University, USA
    6. George B. & Eveline R. Beard Endowed Student Prize for Excellent Poster Presentation of Research, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Wayne State University, USA

      Selected Recent Publications
      1. Abdelhamid, E., Mukherjee, R., Mishra, D., Dixit, A., Nadgorny, B., Lawes, G., UV induced stable conductivity in Indium Oxide films, APS March Meeting, Vol. 58(1), 2013 , APS Physics
      2. Dixit, A., Bazzi, K., Sahana, M.B., Sudakar, C., Nazri, M., Vaishnava, P.P., Naik, V., Garg, V.K., Oliveira, A.C., Nazri, G.A., Naik, R., Magnetic and spectroscopic characterization of C-LiFePO4 nanoparticles for cathode materil for Li ion batteries, APS March Meeting, Vol. 56(1), 2011 , APS Physics
      3. Dixit, A., Thakur, J.S., Naik, R. and Naik, V.M., Influence of excitation frequency on A1(LO) and E2 Raman modes in In rich In1-xGaxN thin films, APS March Meeting, Vol. 57(1), 2012 , APS Physics
      4. Dixit, A., Tiwari, B., Rao, M.S.R., Non-collinear Weak Ferromagnetism in LaCrO3: a Theoretical Study, DAE-BRNS 4th Interdisciplinary Symposium on Materials Chemistry, ABSTRCT No: F-06, 2012 , DAE-BRNS
      5. Tripathi, S., Mohan, A., Yadav, S., Vijay, V., Dixit, A., Hexagonal Shaped Fractal UWB Antenna, IEEE International conference, Vol. Dec 18-12, 2013 , Applied Electromagnetics Conference (AEMC)
      6. Tripathi, S., Mohan, A., Yadav, S., Vijay, V., Dixit, A., A Novel Multi band Notched Octagonal Shaped Fractal UWB Antenna, Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC),International conference, Vol. Dec 12-14, pp 179-183, 2013 , Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC)
      7. Tanwar, U., Tripathi, S., Lahuwa, K., Mohan, A. and Dixit, A., Novel MICS band implantable antenna for WBAN application, Indian Antenna Week Conference Proceeding, Vol. June 3-7, 2013 , IEEE Indian Antenna Week
      8. Dixit, A., Sharma, P.K., Nayyar, N.K., Dhar, A., Sharma, R.K., Basu, P.K., Liquid Phase Epitaxy of HgCdTe for IR Detector Applications using a Novel Slider Boad, Proceedings of the XIII International Workshop on Physics of Semiconductor Devices (IWPSD:Editor: Vikram Kumar, S. K. Agrawal, S. N. Singh, Vol. 1 , pp 227-230, 2005 , National Physical Laboratory
      9. Prakash, H., Chandra, N., Prakash, R. and Dixit, A., A Generalized condition for teleportation of the quantum state of an assembly of N two-level system, Modern Physics Letter B , Vol. 21, pp 2109-2023, 2007 , World Scientific
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